spinmadly replied to your post “astimepassesusby replied to your post “I’m in a group WhatsApp chat…”

Could use kik? I don’t think it uses your number (could be wrong)

I uninstalled Kik a while back ( nothing stopping me re-installing it ).

People kept thinking Kitt was, i dunno, short for Kitty. Which meant the only message I got was dick pics.

yay dick pics. my fave. how did you know? yay. christmas and birthday combined.


Just leave them all on my doorstep/throw them through my window ;)

2nd floor, innit? Clearly, you’ve never seen me throw. Sports isn’t really my thing. lol I’d be lucky if I could launch something outside of own gravitational pull. heh



Freaky, innit.

Surprisingly, and this was the main concern, Sophie still recognises me! YAY!


Haha no! I put a post up saying you were there and she wants to go. Check me out bring you business. You can pay me in nerds:p That is so funny! and yeah I generally keep my curtains closed until just after 1 cause they all look in. Nae fine.

Are you on the ground floor? Christ, I don’t envy you. For some reason, I always just assumed you’d be one of the higher up floors ( that previous comment about the slide might not have made sense then…there was building work a few weeks back, they had a rubble chute from like the 2nd/3rd floor to the ground )


WHY HAVEN’T YOU PHOTOGRAPHED ME oh wait that’s right you live in buttfuck, the other side of the world, scotland. ;)

Weeeeeeeeeeell….You did always plan on coming over to Caledonia…so, when you do ( and come meet Sophie! ) we’ll get your photos taken. Maybe even combine it with sight-seeing…have you stand next to Culzean Castle and shit like that. lol


blussshh! :) we need to do more picture days :D and with sophie pie-where i’m not making ridiculous faces at her cuteness >.

We really really really do need more picture days. A bunch of days with no actual purpose or goal..and then maybe one or two where we have an idea or image we want to create. I’ve never really done the whole PLAN THEN EXECUTE with regards to photos. It shows :(

MADNESS. Might pop in with a friend in the next few days though (:

With a friend? Are you scared? lol

We once had one of the kids from the school across the road ( PROTIP: Avoid lunch time..the shop is jumping with weans ) come in and ask us, straight faced, legit,

Is this shop illegal?

What do you mean by that, my good man?

It’s just, what with you being up an alleyway like what you are, just that some people at school…well….some people might think that you’re rapists.

So, rapists have shops nowadays. I was honestly stunned….I couldn’t retort..I couldn’t think of anything to say at all. I just…stood there, looking confused.

Oh god. I am so confused…so you’re a computer/sweet shop?

 It’s a 70/30 mix. lol.

We also sell sleeping bags. And tshirts. And vinyl stickers.

…I thought you worked in a computer shop? O.O

You should come in some day ( coffee in hand ¬_¬ ). It’s predominately a sweet shop these days.

Have a swatch at this:


If I were in Ayr, I would of happily brought you some coffee on my way to Uni :p

Mayhaps I could employ you to deliver coffee to my desk every morn?

You do accept payment in the form of high fives and noticing when you’ve changed your hair and telling you how much this new style suits you?