It’s been a long time since I was last at a burlesque night. A real long time.

But tonight….tonight, Katie and I are going to a burly. In our hometown! Which means, we’ll be able to stay till the end, since we’re not relying on catching the last train home, and we’ll only be away from Sophie for a few hours. With any luck, Soph will just stay asleep and not even notice we’re away ( Katie’s mum will be at ours while we’re out ).

I’d been asked to photograph the show, and I’d get on the guest list. But by that point, I’d already bought my tickets! lol. Not that I mind, because frankly, there isn’t exactly a lot of money floating about for the arts so every little contribution helps.

I’m a smidge nervous because, as I say, it’s been a long time since I was at a burly, which means, it’s been a long time since I photographed a burly. I’ve spent the past two years shooting Soph in bright light, with flash, at close range. This is going to be long range, dark, no flash. High ISO and dragged shutter ahoy.

I hope the photos aren’t shit. But it’s a possibility that they will be :(

So, here’s a photo from when I used to be able to shoot live shows with a modicum of skill. ¬_¬ 

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